Modern Samurai Will Blow Your Mind

And now, for the coolest thing you will see today: Isao Machii, a “modern samurai”, cuts numerous objects with stunning precision.  With a samurai sword.  YES!

[Via Boing Boing]

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  1. Wow, I gotta admit I'm surprised. I knew Kendo and archery were things people still learned, but I didn't realize anyone in Japan still knew how to use a sword like that.

    Cool vid, bro.

  2. L.O….freaking L! Looking at the hosts clothing….
    What are these people thinking???
    And why did he have to pretend to put effort into swinging the blade at the last part of the video? Obviously, the blade itself is the reason that the pipe was in two pieces…

  3. OK paintball pellet was damn impressive. The peapod or edamame pod was also impressive. The pipe however and even the mushroom was meh. The mushroom required serious precision. Out of the scabbard that is damn difficult. But far from OMG SQUEEEEEE worthy. Lets put it this way. No way could I do it out of the scabbard, I MIGHT be able to do it free standing, with a couple attempts….don't think my blade is remotely sharp enough though.

    The pipe…eh. The gage on that pipe looked to be pretty thin. Again skill IS required there to put enough force into the swing in one stroke. But again it's far from being impossible.

    The rest and in particularly the pellet was pretty god damn schweet. The hand eye coordination needed.

    That and I take exception to the term samurai being used. Its like the term hacker. Its been distorted over time. He's no samurai. He's got bad skill though, no one can claim to the contrary.

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