Badass 24-Inch Baroness Premium Format Figure

Not bad, even though I tend to prefer this Asian version of the Baroness. ;) [$349.99 @ Sideshow Collectibles | Via Topless Robot] Advertisements


A Wild Spreadsheet Appeared! [Picture]

Rendering a Pokemon battle scene in Excel when you’re bored in class? Simply brilliant! [Via Unreality Mag]

Geektastic Gollum Wall Graffiti [Picture]

An amazing graffiti of Gollum coming out of a cave by graffiti artist SmugOne. [Via OW]

How-To: Holography [Video]

Yes, now everyone can make holograms at home, thanks to Litiholo‚Äôs DIY Hologram Kit. Face it, holograms are awesome! If you’ve ever wanted to make your own holograms you’ve probably realized that it’s difficult, expensive, and complicated. No so if you have this kit, it’s easy! Just set up the included jig, use the laser […]

This Amorphous Crawling Robot Will Freak You Out [Video]

Harvard researchers have inspired themselves from various animals such as starfish and worms to create what can only be defined as one of the creepiest robot we’ve ever seen. This particular robot (which comes from George M. Whitesides’ lab at Harvard) distinguishes itself by being capable of several unique gait styles including walking, crawling, and […]

Gearbox Hiring Lilith Look-a-Like

Do you have what it takes to be one of Borderland’s fiercest fighters? Gearbox is offering up a pretty cool opportunity to be the “face” of Lilith for Borderlands 2! Aside from being *the* live action representation of one of my favorite characters, it’s also a paid gig! So here’s a chance to earn a […]

Facebook privacy protesters earn EPIC win

Facebook has agreed to settle charges by the Federal Trade Commission that it lied to customers about its privacy policies. The agreement means it will now be forced to ask first before changing any privacy settings. The agreements comes after an investigation by several online privacy advocates, led by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC). […]

Geek a Week Trading Cards [Pics]

Say you’re into trading cards but you’d like something a bit more realistic to work with. Or, you’re a sexy geek and you’d like to know more about real-life sexy geeks. Great! Len Peralta’s Geek a Week project is for you. The idea is simple: each week, Peralta releases a trading card design for a […]