Monday Morning Links Serving: The October 31st Edition

A Gallery of Batman Through the Ages
A gallery of what Batman might have been like if he had existed in different eras across time, other than the present day where he’s a full-fledged superhero.

6 Bizarre Alien-Looking Life Forms
Life, in all its varied forms, can be described in many ways. ‘Astounding’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘majestic’ are just a few of the words that spring to mind while looking at some of our planet’s living things.

Top 10 Ways to Unlock the Unlockable
Getting locked out of your home, your computer, or anywhere else you want to be can suck. The same goes for those times when your gadgets prevent you from doing what you want to do with them, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Top 10 Futuristic Concept Laptop Designs
The technology world is always exciting and unpredictable. It changes all the time. You never know what technology will be there in the next 5, 2, or even the next year.

10 of the world’s creepiest gadgets
Halloween comes just once a year, but there are manufacturers out there that are creeping us out with technology every single day. Be warned: the following list of contraptions will haunt you.


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