Beyond Earth: The Planets in Minima [Gallery]

Designer Stephen Di Donato, like a lot of us, was a curious kid with an eye on space. A stack of old sci-fi magazines made him nostalgic for the days of space shuttles and moon landings:

I began researching heavily on NASA missions and came to the realization that the late 1950’s to mid-1970’s were exciting times for new discoveries, for real photographic images of planets and for limitless possibilities. This gave me the incentive to start a personal project named Beyond Earth.

Of course he got funded (more than double!) and here are the finished posters.

If you like them but these images aren’t sized properly for your phone, you can purchase a set of wallpapers, also.



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  1. I love these! I grew up reading books with similar illustrations. Great job capturing the "feel" of that time. One question: where's Pluto? Back then it was still a planet. :)

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