Daylight Saving Time for Dummies

Yo Dawg, I heard you like timezones so we put some timezones in your timezone.


7 Responses to Daylight Saving Time for Dummies

  1. I hate daylight savings time. I was in Japan, where they didn't have it, for 4 years. I lived in an area that had all 4 seasons, though it always felt like winter was at least two of them. (Hehe.) I didn't miss that "extra hour" at all. It was actually a relief not to be forced to change my clocks and then lose sleep.

    Is there some sort of bill we could try to pass through the senate to end daylight savings time? I mean, I think we could finally have a piece of legislation that all parties would agree on…..

  2. I look forward to having better driving conditions to work and more light at the bus stop for my kids… but when we "spring ahead" and I have to get up an hour early, that does suck.

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