Fail or Win?: Teenage Mutant Ninja Poodle [Picture]


I’m not to sure what to think of this one… what do you think, geeks?


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  1. I have a standard poodle and I don't see how this is animal cruelty? If anything he would love the extra attention he would get, the face mask wouldn't last long though. The maintenance of this cut and how long it would take to get the hair long enough is unreal. I'll just stick with a costume that I can put on long enough for photos! … WIN!

  2. I thought it was some kind of mutant stuff animal at first. Even when I read the description, it took me a few seconds to realize there was a living animal some where under all that… um…. whatever that is. >_>

  3. This is pathetic. Since when did humans get the idea that because an animal can't protest or speak an opinion, it's okay to do whatever they want to them?? These people disgust me.

  4. It's a "good idea" but this picture is fail
    Try to find the woman's hand ;D
    She couldn't hold the dog just with one hand on the head!


  5. @thandra, if you look closely you can see the dog is standing on a table. That white pole there is where they leash dogs to the table so they don't fall off if they are wigglers.

    It's not animal cruelty because one, that takes a while to let the hair grow out and then the amount of care to shape it that way.

    People need to just chill on what they think is animal cruelty and what isn't. Instead of griping about a dog show, they should become active in their community and help those animals being starved or beaten.. or help capture animals that need to be spayed and neutered before they get all holier than though on a stupid dog show.

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