Marvel Solicitations 1/12

The fine folks over at Comics Alliance have released Marvel’s solicitations for the month of January, 2012.  Most of this just doesn’t do a whole lot for me.  DC is currently killing it with their New 52, so that’s where most of my focus (and therefore hard-earned cash) goes.  However, there are a few titles here that I’ll definitely be checking out.  “PunisherMAX” and “Wolverine” both get a look-see for the Jason Aaron writing credits.  Aaron is fantastic at completely embracing the absurdity of these two characters, and I’ve loved pretty much everything he’s put out (the Spidey-Wolvy crossover was EPIC).  I’m also excited about Lapham’s “Deadpool” because Lapham never fails to deliver.  I miss “Young Liars”.  And despite the awesomeness of DC’s current lineup, I will not lie: Bendis’s “Spiderman” is the best comics going right now.  Brilliant writing on that one.

So what do you guys think?  Any Marvel fans out there want to clue me in on what I should be reading?

via Comics Alliance

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