Monday Morning Links Serving: The October 17th Edition

The iPhone 4S Cheat Sheet
So you managed to get an iPhone 4S today. Congratulations! But once you finish having sex with it and get it all cleaned off, ask yourself: What do you really know about your new phone, in an empirical and (sort of) scientifically tested fashion?

Top 10 Tricks for Dealing With Email Overload
If you’re feeling overwhelmed and like you’ll never get back to a clean inbox, here are ten of our favorite tips to help you manage the ever-growing mountain of email.

7 Best FireFox Extensions That Explore Page Source Code
It is quite normal for SEOs to look at the source code of almost every page while browsing. So is is obvious that they want some tools that can represent the information in a better way or provide more valuable options to experiment with.

Five annoying things about iOS 5
My iOS 5 upgrade went pretty smoothly, though it took the better part of two hours and left me scratching my head about a lot of things.