Epic Nerdcore Rap Video: Java Life [Music Video]

Now that was pretty epic… in fact… it was probably one of the best nerdcore rap song I’ve ever heard.



5 Responses to Epic Nerdcore Rap Video: Java Life [Music Video]

  1. Old Java Coder, New .Net Convert… In my experience, .Net has ALWAYS been more stable than Java. And Java isn’t the only platform independent language anymore BUT funny non-the-less!

  2. Man, if this is the best Nerdcore you've heard, you seriously need to get out more. Try some Dr. Awkward, The Grammar Club, and of course MC Frontalot.

    Also, acting all hard when you're a Java programmer…that's a little bit sad.

  3. Suspenders was far and away the best part for me. Guy cracked me up.
    Still, nothing compares to White and Nerdy. :D