Readers’ Ink: Sexy Geeks with Awesome Tattoos [Gallery]

We asked for pics of your geeky body art, and you delivered. Here are all the entries that made it in before the cut-off (for the rest of you: we’ll save yours for Round 2 sometime in the future). There’s a bit of everything here, which is encouraging because that means our geek-base is nice and diverse. We like that. From Trek to Who to Zim to LotR to– you get it. Lots of stuff.

Thanks, everyone! You are all awesome, and we less-than-three you, which you’ll find in tattoo form below. :) Check it out!

(Click on a thumbnail to enlarge.)

Get your cameras ready or snap some shots of your tattoos now. There will be a Round 2 of Readers’ Ink, and we don’t want to catch you unaware next time.