Wake Up in the Morning Feelin’ Like Stormageddon [Video]

A Doctor Who version of Ke$ha’s Tik Tok, but minus Ke$ha. (Can we stop using the $ now? Please??)

 does a decent enough job here, and though he falls a little short  of on-key in the chorus, it’s fun if you’re a Whovian. If you want the lyrics, you can find ’em here. Enjoy!

Warning: Spoileriffic lyrics. Do not watch if you haven’t seen season 6.


5 Responses to Wake Up in the Morning Feelin’ Like Stormageddon [Video]

    • Agreed, and I'm pretty sure that guy knows he can't rap but put himself out there in spite of it.

      Cheers to the Doctor.

  1. Dr. Who fans are a true friendly breed to listen and not bash on the guy outright. To just say he has issues singing or could use some work was great. Dr. Who fans are the nicest bunch of people I have seen.

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