The iPhone: An Animated History [Video]

History of the iPhone, dedicated to the memory of Steve Jobs from Drew Stearne on Vimeo.

 The iPhone might be at the cutting edge of technology but it took a long time and many innovations to get there, take a trip through history and explore the people and technology that contributed to the iPhone becoming what it is today.



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  1. Moves whaaaaayyyy too fast, the animations are great but there's almost never a pause between bits of information in order to make sense of any of it… my spacebar got a lot of use :P

    Excellent video none the less!

  2. First and foremost, as an infographic, it failed. The information was presented in a way that actually obscured the "point" of the piece. It looked pretty, but was not usable. Considering that this is a tribute to design and engineering, that's almost ironic.

    Is it innovative? No, the whole infographic "meme" has been circulating for a while.
    Is it useful? No, the design makes it more difficult to absorb the source material.
    Asthetic? Meh.
    Understandable? No, in fact I found some of the graphics to be extremely ambiguous even though I was very familiar with the source. Hence, I don't even think this accomplishes the goal of making this "understandable to the layman". The A4 vs. 4004 diagram… What are the authors even trying to say?
    Unobtrusive? No, the information is subservient to the design of the piece.

    Anyway, I'll stop. At the end of the day this is extremely bad design in a piece that is all about design. They knew who Dieter Rams is, but did not think to apply any of his principles to this endeavor.

    If the iPod tracks back to the Walkman, why not take it all the way back to the Victrola? The IXI was a DIGITAL media player that was available in 1979. Transistor radios certainly were portable for a long time before the Walkman, as were portable record players… So, why decide that the Walkman was the beginning of portable music? (And isn't being able to digitize music more revolutionary than simply being able to carry a battery powered device?)

    What of the transistor? Or even Charles Babbage? No mention of the Newton? I know you have to keep it within time constraints but why go back to Rams and not mention Babbage? You had 30 seconds to tell us about how Jobs came to own Pixar, but the Apple Newton wasn't "relevant"? The "slant" here is in what information they choose to present. To say the iPhone owes it's existence to Dieter Rams would be like assuming my parents are Levi Strauss and Izod. Or claiming that shirts were invented by Ralph Lauren because he was the first one to think of embroidering the right breast.

    Interestingly enough the opening scene is lifted from an old Royksopps video. Maybe these guys should be paying tribute to Microsoft?

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