Zombie-Slayer Family Photos [Picture Gallery]

When someone asks you what you want for your birthday, take a cue from ChainCrafts‘ wife and say “a Post-Apocalypse/Zombie Slaying family photo shoot!” Then go make some armor and weapons and hire the super-talented Langley West of Bakan Photography to do a shoot of you and your entire family fending off zombies in a decrepit building.

These are too awesome. ChainCrafts has a Craftster post with some details about the shoot and his handmade armor if you’d like to know more.

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  1. Tons of exposed skin and not a one of them with a splash shield for their face. Pitiful effort. They're zombie-food, with their Little Rascals-esque "Let's All Be Zombie Hunters" show. LOL.

    • Thanks for the input Tucker –

      Though keep in mind – my goal was not to actually fight zombies, but it was to have a fun summer project as a family to keep the kids busy during the day and see how creative they could be with the little bits of stuff we had to create the armor from. It was my wish to get to take family photos dressed up and having fun doing it vs dragging my children to Walmart and sitting them in front of a fake background with some insane woman waving a feather duster over her head and squealing "SMILE BIG!!" and getting wretched studio portraits in 20 minutes or less vs a full day spent with my family, laughing and joking and having fun.

      As a professional photographer – I am never IN photos with my own family and I finally figured out a way to get all three of my children to participate without total grumbling and misery. Finding a theme that works for a 6 year old, an 11 year old AND a 16 year old is near impossible….but Zombie fighting? There you go.

      So yes. Tons of exposed skin and no splash guard for their faces (I kind of wanted to see them you know…with it being a family portrait and all…) and necks and arms and legs all complete zombie bait but I never get family portraits done because Im always taking them – so I actually wanted to see some of their fleshy bits in our photos ….and by the way, have you tried to make full sets of zombie fighting armor for 5 people in less than a month with a budget of $75?

      We did what we could with what we could find and we had a blast spending a few hours together creating interesting things, sharing ideas, laughing at our failures and going on "Junk finding treasure hunts" at the junk yard and Re-Store together.

      Maybe our zombie slaying outfits are complete "FAILS" but the experience of doing this with my children and the amount of time we spent as a family using our creative minds vs spending the $75 to go sit in a movie theater to watch a mindless action flick and not talk or interact with one another is pretty much a major WIN in my book.

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