The Ideal Geeky Tattoo [Picture]

Exactly how geeky are you? Here’s a quick test: Sexy Geek Jason Willmore¬†(hi, Jason!) sent us a picture of his tattoo, which works as a sort of geekiness metric for people he meets.

I had a whole year in Iraq to come up with my ideal geek tat. The great thing is not only does it prove my geekiness, if someone knows who all the characters are it lets me know just how geeky they are.

Challenge accepted? Tell us which references you spot in Jason’s ink. :)

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  1. I see, in no particular order:

    Clouds Sword from FFVII

    Boba Fetts Helmet

    Samus from Metroid’s Shoulder and smoking arm

    Link from the Legend of Zelda series body and arm

    Mega Man’s feet.

  2. Ahhh thank you for knowing. Unfortunately most of my friends have looked at it and asked "Who's that?" The sword hand is supposed to be Cloud's, the tattoo artist just wanted it to stand out a little more. So fellow dorks and geeks, you think it's a good tat?

      • Well I wanted multiple characters but didn't want to do mash ups how it's normally done, one character dressed as someone else. So I thought of my favorite charcters and took what I considered to be the more iconic part of each character to make one ultimate being, haha. I had an awesome tattoo artist. I showed him pictures of the characters told him what parts and he did all the rest. Anthony DuBois of Stained Skin in Columbus, OH. There are so many more combos you could do it's crazy! I could see one with just Star Wars characters… oh shit that's be freaking cool.

  3. Holy shit. o.o Um…

    Samus Aran's armcannon, Cloud Strife's Sword and possibly hand, LInk's tunic, what appears to be a dragon tail, Megaman's feet/boots, Boba Fett's head.

    Not sure if any of this is missing, and I did that all without looking at the first post.

  4. I see the tail that Intro was talking about, I'm guessing since the bulk of the mash are console toons, maybe its bowser? too well hidden to be sure though.

  5. I see 6 references but I couldn't quite put my finger on the left arm (it was that mess in my head: "I know this but I can't remember!") 'till someone said "…and Nightmare's hand?"
    Bam, Nightmare. That's who I was thinking. Buuuut… is it?

  6. It's not fair to call this a "geekyiness measuring" tattoo – if, like me, you haven't done much gaming, then of course you won't recognize things.

    Now, if this had included a stargate, the Vulcan IDIC, Serenity, and the character was going in and out of a portal – maybe then we can start discussing it as a means of geekiness measuring.

    Nonetheless, a nicely done tattoo, and if it makes you happy more power to you.

    • His is mainly gaming, yours is space/sci-fi… each only a small part of geekery. I consider myself quite the geek and wouldn't recognize any of yours (and I'm even a ST fan), but I got the tattoo. So to each their own! ;)

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