Awesome 8-Bit-Style Music Video: My Megadrive

It seems that artist 2080 used to be a big fan of Sega’s Mega Drive (or the Genesis in North America) because he recently composed a song paying homage to the old console. Enjoy the video!


7 Responses to Awesome 8-Bit-Style Music Video: My Megadrive

  1. Haha, I love the way you linked to the Mega Drive wiki page. As if anyone here doesn't know about the Mega Drive/Genesis.

  2. "Mega Drive" is lame. Genesis is cool. They should retcon the name and just erase "Mega Drive" from history. (calling something mega is just lame, but then add to that the fact that it's not really a 'drive' and it just get's worse. It might have been appropriate to call Sega CD a "Mega Drive", but when the console is called that already, you have to chance it to Mega CD. And the lameness just compounds.)

    • I've been under the impression that many posters on this site know nothing about geek culture. But they still post good stuff. It is frustrating though… :C

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