Terra Nova: Causality and FX [Comics]

Speaking of Terra Nova, Has anyone watched the first episode this week? Was it any good?

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  1. The first episode of Terra Nova was good, not as good as Primeval. However, they did take care of the paradox right off the bat. Terra Nova is in a different time stream then our future, so while it is Earth's past it isn't our past. So no paradoxes there.

  2. I thought it was terrible. One of the dinosaurs was penned "Carnesauras" — lack of creativity right there.

    Not a single character was likable, especially ANY of the teenagers. I was rooting for every last one of them to get eaten.

    The green-screening was ok, but the effects were meh at best, terrible at worst.

    Overall, it was boring; didn't hold my attention for more than 5 minutes at a time; and made me hate every single person on the show. I hope it doesn't last long, but since it's crappy instead of good sci-fi, it'll last FOREVER. FOX doesn't know how to keep GOOD sci-fi going unless someone other than themselves are funding it (see: firefly; x-files; freaky links)

      • Is there any reason to be rude?

        1) BOTH were cancelled during the first season. The only reason that x-files came back was because Duchovney paid enough to get it back on the air.

        2) No matter what your personal opinion may be, both were excellent sci-fi shows, based on popularity and sales alone.

        So I'm not exactly sure how I'm "fucking mental".

    • I’ve always been partial to “Erie Indiana”. I know, sounds like i said that in troll speak, but I actually did like that show.

      • We actually just revisited that show on Netflix recently. Still adore it. But it wasn't actually a FOX show. It was picked up in syndication by FOX nearly 10 years after it aired lol

  3. I think that if you like cheesy rehashed crap like Primeval it's really your thing. The plot is just plain silly, and not in any way original other than this convoluted, poorly developed timestream thing. Give it a half watch, literally. Watch half the epsiode. You'll be thankful you didn't watch the full 75 minute crapfest.

  4. I think it looks pretty good, thus far. As with any new sci-fi series, though, I am withholding most of my judgement until at least three episodes in. So far, though, it looks good. Can't wait for next monday.

  5. Won't make it to another season, guaranteed. It'll go the road of other great shows that progressed too quickly. Surface, Special Unit 2, Threshold…..

  6. Was really disappointed with the first episode, and I don't think I'll watch the next. Didn't even see the whole first. The dialogues and plot were so predictable and rushed in some places. I thought most of the actors were bad.
    Oh well, maybe I'm just spoiled by BSG and GoT. My prediction is, it will get cancelled after 1st season.

  7. I think the io9 review said it all:


    I want to add that I think they don’t know where to go with the show yet. Family drama subplot, the splinter colony, spies in Terra Nova, political intriege from the future, a missing son, a commander hows lying, strange “cave paintings”, fighting a hostile environment….

    They are all over the place.

  8. It had so much promise from the first 10 minutes. Then it hit rock bottom and started digging. Way to write all the characters in such a bland, 2D, cardboard way that I don't really care about any of them. The only characters I connected with at all were the dinosaurs

  9. It wasn't fantastic by any stretch. After the first 20 minutes or so I began to loose interest. However, I must say I did enjoy the opening episode and I look forward to more. The concept and characters were underdeveloped but as long as it goes uphill from here I can see myself enjoying this on a weekly basis. Don't expect something as good as Fringe.

  10. I liked everything except the hackneyed, we destroyed the earth with pollution. The air is completely toxic and huge smokestacks continue to billow out toxic fumes while everyone chokes to death. Completely and utterly lame to the nth degree. Now some eco-wacko will pop on and be sure to spout something about how that's exactly what we are doing now.

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