Sexy Clone Trooper Lady Dances to Star Wars Cantina Song [Video]

Got you with that headline, right?

Our pals at Aggressive Comix have just released the fifth episode of their new Geekgasm webshow, and while the episode is as funny and intesting as usual, the bit that really caught my attention is right at the end, during the last 22 seconds of the show. Check it out!

Yes, Jenny is wearing our uber awesome lady Boba Grefetti shirt, and I must say, it looks really good on her. So ladies, now that you know what the shirt looks like on a real model, go and get one now! :)


7 Responses to Sexy Clone Trooper Lady Dances to Star Wars Cantina Song [Video]

  1. Okay… I don't like to make negative comments as I feel that it is a waste of time, but I feel that these videos are just that; a waste of time. And I don't appreciate the fact that this website feels that they have to force this terrible web series (if you can call someone who talks into a camera and has terrible editing a web series) down our throats. I get it, you think she's cute. Who cares? There's tons of cute girls on the internet talking about the same thing and guess what, they're all terrible. Is this girl related to someone who runs the site or something? This kind of promotion for this series seems overboard. If she's not related to you, it's starting to feel stalker-ish. Seriously, tone it down because this is terrible. And before all the flaming starts, I've watched 2 episodes and decided I hated it. I didn't watch this episode either, so there's more fuel to the fire.

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