New Humble Bundle: Buy Frozen Synapse for Charity!

The first Humble Indie Bundle was released only last year, but the successful pricing experiment is on its fifth incarnation as of today. For the next fourteen days, you can head over to and name your price for a copy of Frozen Synapse, a turn-based strategy game that’s gotten great reviews (and it includes a copy of the soundtrack as well!).

Also, if you pay more than the average price point (which right now is fluctuating between $4 and $5), then you get an additional five games: Trine, Shadowgrounds, Shadowgrounds: Survivor, a pre-order of Splot, and a prototype of Jack Claw, all by Frozenbyte games.

As always, the games purchased through the bundle are cross-platform and DRM-free, and the purchase price is split between the game developers and two charities – EFF and Child’s Play – in a division that you can customize.

Watching the stats change on the website is fascinating – already over 20,000 bundles sold and almost a million dollars. And as usual, Linux users are paying more than Mac users who are paying more than Windows users, on average. Let’s get some competition going here!