Darth Artoo [Pic]

We’ve featured plenty of ladies wearing that awesome Artoo swimsuit on [GAS] in the past, but this one wins the palm as the most awesome of them all . Enjoy!

Model: Pretty Poison
Photographer: Adam Montgomery

2 Responses to Darth Artoo [Pic]

  1. The mod that posted this needs his/her card pulled for the next week. Lets be honest, it’s an average looking photo with an average model in a very unflattering pose (don’t get me wrong, she probably really hot, but again with a ‘blah’ pose and her head covered up I’m not getting much to work with), playing mix-n-match dress up. I normally don’t make post like this, but I do come here for interesting/epic geeky and sexy stuff. It’s not awesome, it reminds me more of an art student calling his own work “avant garde” just because they get bad reviews.

    I’m sure better pictures came out of that shoot and I’d much rather see them; again I blame the mod for posting tripe.

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