Be fast or she gets furious! [Comics]

Oh how I remember the days when I was in this kid’s shoes and my mom used to get furious at the slightless delay after calling me for dinner. Those were some of the best days of my life! :)



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  1. Come on! This is really great, merely because is not only meant to be funny, but because It's meant to be truth.

    I really enjoyed it, since it reminded me of better times.

    P.D. Double pointer comic, ROFLMAO

    P.D.2 I'm not a native English speaker, so sorry for the grammar mistakes.

  2. Ahem. I worked an hour straight getting dinner ready, coordinating everything to be done at the same time. It's now on the table, cooling off fast. Your father and your brothers and sisters are all at the table. We are waiting for you. You are not the only person involved in this memory.

    • And lets not forget all those times where they did, in fact, let their food get cold. Most Moms only get onto their kids about these kinds of things because of past behavior.

      I have to remind my husband to eat when he's on the computer or gaming. The man doesn't eat enough as it is, the last thing he needs to do is forget to eat. =_=;;;;;;

      All this is to say: NO NAG PITY! EAT YOUR FOOD! ;)

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