Amazon Deal of the Day: 47% Off Stargate Universe – The Complete Final Season – $26.49 + Free Shipping

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has the excellent Stargate SGU: The Complete Final Season for just $26.49 + free shipping. That’s 47% off the box set’s usual retail price of $49.98.

Season 2 opens where the Season 1 cliffhanger left off. The Lucian Alliance has seized control of Destiny and Colonel Young and the crew are about to be executed. Their only hope lies in a handful of surviving civilians and soldiers, led by Eli and Dr. Rush. In the aftermath of the incursion, the Icarus survivors are beset by new challenges from alien mutation to the ongoing schemes of Rush. But all of this proves secondary to an even greater revelation: The truth behind why the Ancients launched Destiny.

Stargate SGU: The Complete Final Season$49.98 $26.49 (47% Off)

Stargate SGU: The Complete First Season$49.98 $26.49 (47% Off)


6 Responses to Amazon Deal of the Day: 47% Off Stargate Universe – The Complete Final Season – $26.49 + Free Shipping

    • Sadly dear boy, this wasn’t a show for people with no imagination, an inability to use logical supposition, a generally mediocre I.Q. and a complete lack of patience.

      You think the show was bad, I think your an idiot.

      Isn’t it nice that everyone can have a unique opinion.

    • It wasn't SG-1 or SG-A – and that was it's only flaw.
      It was an amazing series with amazing potential, that was written off for similar reasons that Halo Reach was either loved or hated: people went in expecting more of the same 'near-super-hero protagonists solving near-impossible problems at the very last moment' and instead got 'a band of human characters, dealing with slightly more human issues – where the ending will almost certainly not be a happy one'
      People were looking for another O'Neill or Sheppard, and Carter or Mackay, and instead got Young and scott, Eli and Rush.
      While it did start off slow, and with a "Lost"-like "miss a single episode, and good luck making heads or tails of the rest of the season" story arch, it picked up in the second season and the writing "compartmentalized" each individual episode more, so that you could miss one and not miss out on some super-critical plot twist.

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