Building Windows 8: Reengineering the Windows Boot Experience [Video]

With continued innovation in the hardware ecosystem, the biggest shift in firmware in 30 years, and software changes leading to boot times of ~7 seconds on machines with solid-state drives (SSDs), we decided it was time to bring the PC boot user experience into the 21st century. In a previous post by Gabe Aul, we discussed how fast startup mode will make faster boot times a reality in Windows 8. You may have noticed from his fast boot video that boot felt different – not only was it super fast, it was seamless, from the time the power was switched on all the way to the Start screen. In this post, we will explore how the team has reimagined the complete Windows boot user experience to make that possible.

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11 Responses to Building Windows 8: Reengineering the Windows Boot Experience [Video]

  1. Its a lie. This was a reboot from sleep mode, not a cold boot. My Win7 PC reboots from sleep mode in 5 seconds, and cold boots in 50 seconds – and yes a use an SSD. This is FAIL Micro$soft.

    • Dude … check videos on the internet … it boots in about 7-8 secs … I have it on my 4 year old laptop and it boots in about 20-30 sec.

      The first video of the fast boot was on a laptop that was without a battery … after they inserted the battery and started the laptop … BOOM 8 sec to windows … don't forget that's not your Win7 … and please stop failing in the comments …

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