Interesting Places Waldo Has Been Found [pics]

Like I’m sure many of you did, I grew up mildly obsessed with the Where’s Waldo books by Martin Handford… not to mention all of the knockoff I Spy-style books they inspired.

However, there are a select group of Waldo (that’s Wally to anyone outside of the U.S. and Canada) fanatics so dedicated to finding the stripes enthusiast that they’ve actually gone and had the guy tattooed in unexpected places. I guess they’ll always know where to find him, right?

This one is by far my favorite. He would be fairly challenging to spot, especially if the girl chose to leave her hair down. Well done.


Not content to merely tuck Waldo away somewhere, John Mosley had an entire scene inked onto his back, which took about 24 hours to complete. You’ll no doubt find Waldo right away, but I like the other references thrown in, too – Darth Vader and R2D2 are fun.


I imagine there are certain situations in which this Waldo could really take a person by surprise…



This Waldo kind of crosses the line into creepy thanks to the artist’s suggestion that he popped right out of someone’s skin. <EM>Alien</em>-esque Waldo? Not my favorite. Is he going to leap onto my face next?


I think it’s safe to say that most people don’t go looking for Waldo in an armpit. Ouch!


…And now I’ve found a tattoo that makes me more squeamish than Alien Waldo.


Dare we ask… where would you conceal a Where’s Waldo tattoo?

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