The Anatomy of Nerds & Geeks [Pic]

Let the fight begin! ;)

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  1. Man I hate these look how much better my niche is than your niche crap. The real hunched over trolls are the people who have such a narrow field of vision they can't see the pros and cons of different things.

  2. The first thing I did after seeing this was to do an Internet search for the existence of the Darth Vader "FATHER" poster. I am saddened to find that it does not exist.

  3. all i see is…nerd = old school. geek = modern nerd. nerd=geek. sorry to the nerd who created this, or shall i say geek? hey they are both cool anyways…may you live long and prosper. teehee =D

  4. Let's see…

    SyFy Shows Fan? Check (Warehouse 13 is my favorite scripted show on TV, now that Smallville is off the air)
    Die Hard Trekkie? Check
    Loves Star Wars? Check
    Owns replica lightsaber? I assume that means a high-quality replica, and not the all-plastic but officially licensed ones found in the toy isle that don't even light up. If that assumption is correct, then no, I don't.
    Wears superhero shirts everywhere? Nope (although I do wear tech-related t-shirts everywhere when not at work)
    Wears Jeans everywhere? Check (when not at work, and sometimes then too)
    Same hair cut since the third grade? Check (although my hair is thinning on top)
    Sci-Fi toys? Check (although not that many)
    Speaks fluent Klingon? Nope (although I do own the Klingon-English Dictionary and Klingon Hamlet)
    Understand, fixes and creates really cool stuff? eh.. half-check
    Energy drinks from the gas station? Nope (I prefer soda, although I do often buy from gas stations)
    Energy brewed by baristas? Nope (can't stand coffee)

    I guess that makes me both.

  5. um. yeah. so what about a die hard trekkie with the dalek toy and the barista created coffee and the ability to understand and create cool things? oh, and boobs. I don't see boobs anywhere on this poster.

  6. Yeah, that seems to me to about sum it up pretty well… Personally, I think that there are very, very few individuals who fall solely into one camp or the other; we're all an amalgam of both nerd and geek, in varying ratios and passions.

    Also, I've always seen the difference to be more like, geeks are more general, liking most any sci-fi/fantasy/whatever and not much caring about the details, whereas nerds are all about the details. In other words, geeks wear a Star Wars/Trek/Gate themed shirt wherever they go, but nerds have memorized the layout of Stargate Command, and know the exact latitude and longitude of the weak spot on the original Death Star, and can speak Klingon fluently. Myself, I can appreciate all that little stuff, but it's not that big a thing.

  7. Either way, you have to be a roaring dork to think that being a Star Wars fan puts you in a different bin than being a Star Trek fan.

    For those who don't get that statement… It would be like if muscly guys did a "lunk vs. hunk" poster and "Hunks" uses Axe body spray while "Lunks" use Old Spice. At the end of the day they're all DB's who want to smell pretty, like a girl. The geeks and nerds all see the poster and say "Body Spray? FAG!"

    Likewise, most normal people see no difference between Dr. Who and Star Wars or Star Trek. "Sci-fi?? FAG!"

    For the record, I can't stand any of the Star ___ stuff, but I can have a long conversation with you about Larry Niven's Ringworld, Asimov's Foundation Novels, The Valis trilogy, Discworld…

  8. Meh. It looks like a self-proclaimed "Geek" is trying to play "I'm the cool kid" here. I like stuff on both sides, but I blame my husband for the coffee this morning (yummy pumpkin spice latte).

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