Geekgasm Summer Movie Review [Video]

Everyone here is a little bit in love with Jenny Lorenzo, host of Aggressive Comix’s Geekgasm and probable future geek all-star. Geekgasm is relatively new, with just 4 episodes out (all of which are hilarious). We find them under-viewed, though, and hopefully sharing them here will rectify that situation, like, STAT.

This is the most recent episode, a rundown of summer movie reviews, from Thor (ugh) to Pirates #84 (WHY) to the Smurfs (?_?).

If you’re at work, wear your headphones. If not, carry on:

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  1. I actually like Thor. I really don't think much of the comic and when I heard they were gonna make a movie of it, I thought there was no possible way they'd pull it off. Yet they did a very good job, and I can only hope the designs of the movie will rub off on the comics for years to come. (Maybe Thor will finally look less, well, lame.)

    I liked Green Lantern too, and I'm actually a bit puzzled about all the flak it got. Maybe it was a bit too "true" to the feel of the comics or something? Well, I'll get it on Bluray, so that's all that matters. :P

    Captain American was definitely the best out of the lot though. I wasn't sure how it'd be, like with Thor, but it came out and was much better than I could have expected. Can't wait for the Bluray.

    I'm looking forward to Avengers. If they've got a decent plot they'll be able to pull it off. My guilty pleasure will Puss'n Boots. I don't know why, but I really really want to see that cat again. D: The rest? Forgettable.

  2. I'm definitely hoping The Avengers is as excellent as it could be. If they mess it up… I don't know what I'll do. Watch it and cry, probably. :P

  3. Wow – couldn't disagree with you more on Thor & Green Lantern Nicole. I love the Thor comic – especially the more recent ones since the "resurrection" of the gods – and I love the entire Simon Bisley run on the comic as well. I felt the Thor movie was a little short on plot, and in addition to some PC cultural insensitivity, just didn't quite hit A status.

    Green Lantern was NOT too true to the comic – quite the opposite. It had other problems too – it lacked any real semblance of a dramatic plot, was terribly miscast (as much as I may like Ryan Reynolds, he just is NOT the Green Lantern, at least not the Hal Jordan one – his personality is totally wrong) and at times the studio's general lack of interest in understanding the character, what he can do, how he works, was frustrating to my Green Lantern fan friends who saw it with me. We're not talking minor quibbling from "a true fan" with an anal retentive attention to minutia, we're talking wholly wrong-headed from approach to how it works, with huge logic leaps, plot holes, and contradictions. Green Lantern writers have been trying to remove the "anything-power" writing of the earlier Green Lantern stories for years now. They have ret-conned it OUT, they have said it no uncertain terms its not possible, that's not how it works. Its too powerful and not dramatic. Simply put the Green Lanterns have to be able to CONCEIVE in their MINDS the OBJECT that they summon/conjure; so in order to summon two jets for instance – one would need to be able to imagine and keep in their mind – all the THOUSANDS of moving parts that make those two jets, and then somehow keep them there through force of will…and still there is no fuel, and jets don't fly in space. Since Crisis and OTHER retconns – since some writing teams didn't get the memo and have fond memories of the hokey – "watch me pull an entire fighter fleet out of my arse" writing – they typically don't form moving objects with chemical compounds and fuels etc. Giant swords – simple shapes, things from their memories and experiences simple enough to conceive the entirety of, sure – and if the character was an aircraft designer who had personally designed a certain plane, and was brilliant and willful, he MIGHT be able to build the entire plane piece by piece (quick by manufacturing standards, slow by Green Lantern conjuring) and then he'd still have to keep it all in his head somehow, and through force of will hold it solid. Oh yes – and then he'd still have no fuel. Sometimes on Justice League and other shows the writer doesn't remember this and makes a mistake – but the Green Lantern FANS have always noticed, written in, complained, had to turn a blind eye to it etc. So – Ryan Reynolds, suspended by two unmanned, conjured jets, in space, somehow resisting the pull of the sun?…. the fans are mega annoyed, and an entirely NEW generation of fans unfamiliar with the concept now LOVE the ridiculous, alternate version of the character. That is why the fans get annoyed.

    Most fans are forgiving of minor bumps and hiccups, but not wholly missing the point – giving the character personality traits and powers that they don't have – its like giving Superman a Batman suit, or Batman superman's powers. The recent Superman relauch was guilty of this – we have Superman as a single, unwed and estranged father. If there is ONE CHARACTER IN COMICS who would NOT be okay with this – it's Superman. We also get annoyed at idiot fans that are new fans and don't realize their own ignorance, but we blame the writers and costume designers more than the new fans. I myself heard a could of guys say behind me in Iron Man II "Oh good – they finally put the ORIGINAL triangular chest light back in…"… which is minor, and at the same time – the triangular light is in the grand scheme of things – VERY new by comparison to the round one…. Eh – what are ya going to do?….

    • Were you responding to me? I just wanna point I didn't say it was true to the comics, but true to the FEEL of the comics.

      Dude, chill. It's just a movie. As with all movies, they don't stay true to their source material. Have they ever? (Well, and made a good movie at the same time? lol…) No. If it bothers you so much, don't go see the movies that take such liberties from your beloved comic book stories.

      It's weird that you're complaining about something that is practically synonymous with comics done by DC and Marvel. They have a terrible time being consistent with in their own universe, much less their own characters. It's practically in the genes of these companies to take liberties with any and all information that came before. That's part of the reason they have to keep re-booting the universe.

      Honestly, if you want accurate and consistent story telling, comics are not the place to find it. By obsessing so over the details, you're just breaking your fanboy heart. The comic book industry will ALWAYS let you down. :-/

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