If Web Browsers Were Women [Pic]

Illustrator Moie “Eskimoie” Preisenberger has drawn a series of beautiful ladies based on different browser logos. Check it out!

[Via G.TDW]

41 Responses to If Web Browsers Were Women [Pic]

  1. I love Chorme (the browser) but the painted Chrome looks like you'd find her in a dirty women's bathroom slumped against the wall crying.

    • make that safari dress first, its a stunner.

      best tell that chrome to step off too…no, literally, she's on safari's dress, silly twit.

  2. If web browsers were women, Internet Explorer would be fat and slow. I mean, it even has something orbiting it in the icon…that's really fat.

    • Yup, and if we're going on actual descriptions.. why isn't chrome, you know, wearing chrome armor or something? And safari dressed to kill tigers? And why is firefox wearing what looks like an albino fox carcass around her shoulders? At least Opera actually looks like she might be about to sing.

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