Show Us Your Workstation [Win T-Shirts!]

When it comes to cool desktop setups, geeks are unmatched. We know this because we work on  wall-sized, Minority Report-style screens. (We can also predict the future.)

The pic above is nice, but we know you all can do better. We want to see your awesome workstation. Take a pic of your setup, pop a link in the comments or email your entry to, and the team of very fair and objective judges here will choose two winners to receive a free Splitreason t-shirt from the [GAS] Store.

Aaaand, GO.

[image: Schodts]

49 Responses to Show Us Your Workstation [Win T-Shirts!]

  1. here is my modest little setup.

    screen in the middle is a 40" full hd tv above that is a 32" sony bravia HD ready tv and next to those are 2 24" samsung monitors. infront of that is a Wacom cintiq 21WX to the left of that is a Logitech G19 keyboard. and a Razer mamba gaming mouse. the 5.1 surround speakers are hidden behind the monitors as is the subwoofer.
    of on either side is a PS3 and an Xbox

    • Very Nice. I have 2 – 28" LCD's sitting in a cabinet but I just can't sit that close to them without going crazy. I don't think I could handle a 40" at all, but man would it be nice for graphic or video design. Love the Wacom setup. Good to see another vertical monitor setup as well.

  2. But you know whoever wins this could afford one of your t-shirts and it would probably be a drop in a bucket for them. But many of us are limited to one monitor due to the lowliness of our positions. Only recently have I acquired a workstation with three flat-screen monitors. Oh, and I'm talking about at my place of employment. At home I'm still using a 17" CRT monitor because I cannot personally afford anything else. But it makes sense in this culture with it's idiotic principles of worth.

    • Uhhh sorry to burst your bubble, and everyone else who wants to complain about the fairness of this and better off people having an edge, but….I'm a full time college student on a VERY tight income, with a part time job, seasonal work, and what little money I get for working on my research. The rig I posted above was bought and paid for by my own sweat and cutbacks on things so that I could afford it. You want to whine about a culture of whatever fine, but you're dead wrong about some of us who strive to get what nice things we do have.

    • Nothing's free, but if you want good stuff on a budget, find some off-lease Dell 1905FP's – 1909FP's. We were buying them for about $50 each in near perfect condition. Have not had a single go out in about 7 years of daily use.

      Acer also makes some decent 22" widescreen monitors for around $150 brand new.

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