Monday Morning Links Serving: The September 12th Edition

The Abandoned Cold War Listening Station Built on the Ruins of Nazi Berlin
Like massive golf balls, the tattered shells of radomes long since left to the ravages of nature litter the landscape. Once, men were stationed here whose duty it was to listen in on the conversations of those on the other side of the Iron Curtain, thereby gathering valuable military intelligence.

The Best VNC Client for Android
Android has a few great VNC apps, and a few not so great. If we had to pick the best, we’d choose PocketCloud for how insanely easy to use it is.

Budget-Friendly Alternatives to Cable TV
Thanks to new offerings via the Internet, viewers are increasingly catching their favorite shows free or for a fraction of what their cable company charges. And going online to view TV shows or movies doesn’t mean you’re stuck watching programs on your computer or tablet screen.

Flash now available for iDevices
For a long time many people pooh-poohed the idea of getting an Apple iPhone because they refused to support Adobe Flash. Today, at the IBC trade show in Amsterdam, Adobe unveiled Flash products that allow iPhones and iPads, along with iPod Touch users to play Flash content.

Google Music Comes to iOS as Web App
iPhone and iPad users now have access access to Google Music a cloud service previously reserved for Android devices only. However, instead of creating a native iOS app, Google offers a Web app designed to rival Appleā€™s iTunes with iTunes Match and the Amazon Cloud Player.


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