WANT: Inkling by Wacom – Capture Everything you Draw… Digitally [Video]

The inkling sketch pen captures a digital likeness of your work while you sketch with its ballpoint tip on standard paper or sketchbooks. If you use sketching to capture your creative ideas and rough concepts, and you want to have your sketches in digital format for emailing, archiving or further refining on your computer, then inkling is the product for you.

[Inkling by Wacom]


6 Responses to WANT: Inkling by Wacom – Capture Everything you Draw… Digitally [Video]

  1. Im certain this just changed my life. I have the intuous and sketching on there is not the same as paper… I wish this would have been around before i bought my tablet… this is incredible!!! :D

    • You mean to say there are many tabletless NOTE TAKING pens. Which there are. But try to find a digital pen that works on any kind of paper, that has halfway decent pressure sensitivity, and a level of accuracy that will properly capture a sketch. You won't find it, it doesn't exist. Until now.

  2. 1) How good will the pen on this thing be? And can you replace the ink like you would with a regular pen? How much is the replacements if not?

    2) What about sketchers who use pencils and erase… a lot. I'm not sure this tool would be very helpful. This seems like the kind of thing you'd use for final inks, where you don't want to make more mistakes, not in the sketching stage.

    That being said, this looks REALLY neat! Something like this could be useful to a lot of people and I'm eager to see user reviews.

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