Prettiest Supergirl Ever V. 2.0

Ok, so I tought this lady was one of the prettiest Supergirls I’ve ever seen, but she has competition now. Here are a few awesome pictures featuring Deviantart user EnjiNight costumed as the “girl of steel.” Enjoy!

Edit: Nope, the girl isn’t jailbait. Her Facebook fan page states that she is 20 years old. ;)

[Source: EnjiNight]


16 Responses to Prettiest Supergirl Ever V. 2.0

  1. Must be the blond hair. They can be mesmerizing when paired with spandex. And the freckes… Is she jailbait? O_o

  2. Wow, just. Wow. This is an excellent cosplay! And this woman is beautiful! She's also got a sort of "cute as a button" thing going on in her face too. Very well done. :D

  3. There's just no way. She HAS to be CGI. Taking a look at some of her other pictures that show her to be even more mind blowingly pretty, there's just no way. How is this possible?

  4. She's absolutely gorgeous! The smile is mesmerising. She's nearly half my age though, not that counts for anything! :D

  5. Just to point out. Her hair is a blonde wig. The "former" prettiest supiergirl is also wearing a wig.