The World’s Most Dangerous Webcam [Pic]

I see you!

[Via NA]


16 Responses to The World’s Most Dangerous Webcam [Pic]

  1. To translate the text next to the cam for you(from swedish to crappy english) <3

    "Even when the webcam is mounted on its regular stand it still feels loose and unsafe"

  2. A Phillips Toucam! Haven't seen one of these in a long time!

    These things are half, pushing a full decade old, and still state of the art! Hell yeah 640×480, if it comes with the highest least-noise sensitivity out there. Search the word Toucam and you'll find an array of astrophotographers telling you how to plug the thing in to X Y or Z lens adapter.

    I once ordered 5, but my roommate's none-too-bright GF turned down an international package to the house. They were of course never heard from or seen again.

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