Words of Wisdom: The Thing About Quotes on the Internet


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  1. This is backwards. :) You can't verify sources offline with much effort; you can easily online, as long as you go to the right sources!

      • Not good with the whole reading thing, huh? Did you completely miss the part where I wrote "as long as you go to the right sources"?

        A person posting something online is the equivalent of talking with someone offline. A blog, magazine or newspaper post are what they are: blogs are as online magazines without their hard copy counterparts; newspapers are their digital copies. However blogs, comments and chats online are like conversations at the water cooler – and when someone pulls out a quote, you don't run to the library to verify the source of the quote.

        You go online. Google Scholar, is one example, as Jak Odin Gem mentioned. You don't simply Google and go to the first hit looking for a quote, you go to sources that verify their shit.

        I don't know who lied to you, Pete, but someone sure as hell did if you think EVERYTHING on the Internet is true. If everything on the Internet is a lie, then, considering most of the normal resources you would go through to find out whether a quote is legitimate or not are already online, every quote in history is a lie.

        Don't try to be smart replying to people online. You're likely to fail.

  2. How did Lincoln know anything about internet? What would internet mean in his time or did he foreseen the technology we have today?

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