Somebody is trying to… DESTROY THE INTERNET! [Video]

Netforce had to be the absolute worst made for television movie of the 90s.



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  1. For as idiotic as that clip is the ending is more on the ball than most tech pundits now; especially considering it came out when was getting huge, Netscape was the premiere navigator, and instead of youtube people used RealPlayer on 56k connections.
    Even moreso that the movie takes place in 2005 and the bad guy's description of the net is pretty close to that time right before social networking started to go critical.

    If you compared all 90's predictions of what the internet would be from tech magazines I think this speech at the end would be the more accurate to what happened 6 years later.

  2. then I think there must be the video I see on the article about kinect jockey etc… I see a man talking about earing, recognition of names in a crowd noise… etc…

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