Monday Morning Links Serving: The August 29th Edition

Exploring the Eerie Underworld of Belgium’s Abandoned Crypts
Treading deep underground, Sven Fennema explores the realm of the dead – a place where people were buried long ago. The labyrinthine tunnels of an old, abandoned crypt lie before him, full of mementos, grave plates, and the traces left by those who loved and came to pay their respects to the deceased.

Five Best Phone Recovery Tools
Losing your phone doesn’t mean you’ll never see it again. Using your phone’s GPS and the right mobile app or service, you can track your lost phone, find out where you left it, and hopefully get it back.

Future Interfaces: 15 Peripherals Straight Out of Science Fiction
Here then is a rundown of fifteen peripheral devices and concepts we feel are notable for their evolutionary stance, even if they may be flawed in current form. We’ve loosely arranged them in order of when they have – or when they might – be available in the consumer marketplace.

Apple is working on a television for 2012, sources say
Apple is almost certainly working on a digital television based on its iOS operating system, according to multiple sources in Silicon Valley.

Without Steve Jobs, Is Apple Still Cool?
When Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple a few days ago, did your iPhone or iPad morph into an inoperable hunk of metal?

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