Super-Easy Free Online Coding Academy

Here’s a fun way to lose a couple hours of your day while learning something useful: Codecademy. It’s a little bit Programming 101, a little bit social network (badges!), and a lot of easy-to-use interface. For those geeks who aren’t super-savvy with Javascript, it’s a good place to start. Here are my first 4 seconds of class:

var aboutUs = “Codecademy was created when Zach got frustrated with learning how to program. For years, Ryan taught Zach the basics of HTML and CSS, but books and videos didn’t help. Ryan and Zach teamed up to create Codecademy, a better, more interactive way to learn how to program. This is just the beginning. Join us as we make it easy for everyone to love and learn how to program.”;

Anywoot, Codecademy is fun and easy and potentially useful, which makes it a better way to spend your time than trolling n00bs in 4chan. Probably.

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