Pixel Galaxy: the Game Boy Book

Like a lot of the rest of us, Sergio Ingravalle has a certain nostalgia for 8-bit graphics and old-school gaming. Back in its heyday, nothing was more awesome than the Nintendo Game Boy. Even now, it’s still the third highest-selling handheld system of all time. An entire generation of kids grew up playing monochromatic Street Fighter Street Fighter II, so it only stands to reason that our artists would feel compelled to recall it in their work.

Pixel Galaxy isn’t yet published (Ingravalle is currently looking for representation and a book deal, if any of you Geeks have a hookup for that sort of thing), but the 250-page galley is pretty awesome; clearly Ingravalle focuses of the graphics and style of the games as opposed to the gameplay, but that’s actually my favorite thing about this project. From the books Behance page:

PIXELGALAXY is a book all about the Nintendo Gameboy and the pixel graphics. It includes its secret of success, an overview of the top games and takes a closer look at the graphics. For many people this book is full of nostalgia, a journey through time back to the childhood and an inspiration for designers, at the same time (250 pages).



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    • Well, I can't post every one of the 250 pages, but I assure you that there's Pokemon in the book. If you follow the link through to the author's website, he may have pictures posted on Behance. :)

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