Lady Chewbacca Photoshoot [Gallery]

California model and cosplayer LeeAnna Vamp recently did a photoshoot for IGN’s Babeology (click through for video, too), and was kind enough to share her photos with us. We’re pretty sure we haven’t seen a female Wookiee yet, so LeeAnna’s “Wookini” is definitely a change of pace.

Thanks, LeeAnna!


15 Responses to Lady Chewbacca Photoshoot [Gallery]

  1. hrm…i guess i owe her an apology for assuming she's not a real cosplayer, but a ringer.

    one would think the engorging alone would suffice, but no, that would not be chivalrous: i'm sorry for doubting you leeana. and, if i may be so bold, you are so perfect, nasa scientist calibrate their most sensitive instruments off you.

  2. Now look here, I will say this until I am blue in the face: sexy women do NOT equal great cosplay.

    This is a terrible cosplay. The point of cosplaying as a wookie is TO LOOK LIKE A WOOKIE. She doesn't look like a wookie. Worse, she looks likes she skinned a wookie and is now wearing it's fur.

    Wookies are not sexy! The best you can do with them is make them adorable. Why are nerds trying to make wookies sexy? Is there some weird wookie fettish Star War's fans have that no one ever told me about?

    There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of sexy outfits from comics and movies she could be cosplaying. She would look great in any of them! There was no reason at all for her to wear wookie skin! D:

    What's next? Are we gonna try and make Jabba the Hutt look sexy?? *Cries for Nerdom*

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