TRON Vader [Pic]

He’s Darth and Chad’s tech-savvy brother.


(Seriously, though–there’s no credit for this image to be found. Anyone know where it’s from?)

This blue TRON Vader and the matching red version were both made by dracorubio, who has tons of other great stuff. Thanks!


8 Responses to TRON Vader [Pic]

  1. You know, I've seen this a few other spots, and it only just know strikes me: wouldn't it be more appropriate for him to be in the sith-like orange, rather than the jedi-like blue?

  2. this would be so rad for halloween, but im too lazy to make something like that and too cheap to buy it, i imagine it would be around $750+

    • Depends on how accurate to the original Vader costumer you want it to be: a high-quality suit of Vader armor can go for more than $2000 USD. Add the TRON lines and ouch!

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