A 75-Inch TV Now Fits Inside Your Glasses

It seems Vuzix is taking a cue from sci-fi movies with their Wrap 1200 3D Video Eyewear–a set of wraparound glasses with internal 16:9 displays that showcase 3D material. Watching a movie in the Wrap 1200s is like viewing a 75″ TV from 10 feet away. A 15-degree adjustable tilt feature optimizes the viewing angle, and fully customizable settings to align the displays with the wearer’s pupils ensure a comfortable 3D experience. 2D display is also supported, and the plug and play eyewear is compatible with most  game consoles, media players, phones, DVD players and tablets. There are tons of accessories available, if you’re the accessorizing type. You can even fit them over your prescription glasses, according to Vuzix.

These seem awesome if they work well, and since the company’s been designing video-eyewear devices for a while, indications are they might. I don’t know how covertly you can watch a movie in class or at a meeting in wraparound shades, but on an airplane or during long wait times, these would kind of be the best thing ever.

If watching a movie inside your glasses sounds like something you’d like to do (and why would it not?), you’re in luck: Vuzix is shipping the Wrap 1200 already, and for $499 you can own your own. (Hey, you get free rechargeable batteries.)


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