Postertext: Posters for the Well-Read Geek

[Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Poster @ The NeatoShop]

You know what’s sexier than a geek? A well-read geek! Deck your walls with the Postertext literary posters from the NeatoShop. These illustrations are created from the text from your favorite tomes (the one above is from Jules Verne’s nautical adventure classic), with the negative space recreating an iconic moment from the book.

[Postertext @ The NeatoShop]


5 Responses to Postertext: Posters for the Well-Read Geek

  1. That is pretty awesome.

    I suppose they are only using old text due to copyright. But would be awesome to see more modern works. Hobbit/LOTR, Harry Potter and of course A Song of Ice & Fire.

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