How the Original Storm Trooper Helmet was Created [Video]

A step by step guide to the creation of the original Stormtrooper by Andrew Ainsworth.


6 Responses to How the Original Storm Trooper Helmet was Created [Video]

  1. The creation of an icon. It obviously inspired future designs (especially Fallout's Power Armor). I'm surprised there are still no comments. This was incredible.

  2. This man is demonstrably a liar. He did not create the original design, he did not sculpt the master helmet either, this was done by a very talented lady named Liz Moore who sadly is not around to defend her work, as she passed away in an accident in 1976.

    Similarly, the helmets he sells now are not "from the original moulds". Ainsworth's story on that has changed many times over the years. Applaud his 'David vs Goliath" legal victory (partial though it is) all you want, just don't buy his product thinking he has any actual rights to it, or what he is selling you is what he claims it to be.

    Geeks staff, I have no agenda other than getting the truth out there. Ainsworth has had a very free run from the press to date. Please feel free to contact me for further information.

  3. It was proven in court that Ainsworth is a liar and he is a vacuum former plain and simple. The verdict makes for very interesting reading.

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