Wastelandscape: Where CDs Go to Die, Beautifully [Video]

What do you get when you combine 65,000 discarded CDs with an artist, an architect, and a message about consumer excess? Wastelandscape, an artful arrangement of hills draped in a prismatic 500-square-meter blanket of castoff greatest hits compilations.

French artist Elise Morin and architect Clémence Eliard, Wastelandscape‘s designers, describe the installation:

made of petroleum, this reflecting slick of CDs forms a still sea of metallic dunes; 

the artwork’s monumental scale reveals the precious aspect of a small daily object.

Currently housed in Paris’s Centquatre, the exhibit will wrap up its multi-city tour with a trip to the recycling plant.

I know I’m supposed to be appalled at wastefulness and, trust me, I am, but… I kind of just want to slide down one of the hills.  Or, OK, each of the hills one time. Then yes, recycle it, please.

[designboom via Flavorwire]


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