Monday Morning Links Serving: The August 1st Edition

Nielsen: Android Tops in U.S. Smartphone Market, Apple Still Top Dog in Mobile Device Manufacturing
According to the most recent data from market research guru Nielsen, Google’s mighty Android platform stands tallest in the U.S. smartphone space with a majority 39 percent share. That leaves Apple in an almost distant second place with 28 percent, and RIM clinging to relevance with a 20 percent stake.

Five Reasons Google+ Won’t Die
A few weeks in, the honeymoon period is over for Google+ and it seems like some people are already losing interest. Yes, the backlash has already begun. But is Google+ going to fail? In a word: No+.

Apple Has More Cash Than Uncle Sam
An iPod in every pot? The Statue of Liberty holding an iPad in her left hand? Steve Jobs’ on Mount Rushmore? Don’t laugh, considering Apple (Stock Quote: AAPL) now has more cash on hand than the U.S. government.

Here’s How U.S. Spies Will Find You Through Your Pics
In an announcement for its new “Finder” program, the agency says that it is looking for ways to geolocate (a fancy word for “locate” that implies having coordinates for a place) images by extracting data from the images themselves and using this to make guesses about where they were taken.

New cases suggest iPhone 5 will be thinner, wider, and longer than the iPhone 4
Rumors of an iPhone 5 with a larger screen have been making the rounds for some time now. Indeed, a number of sources have relayed that the iPhone 5 will sport an edge to edge screen resulting in a larger display without increasing the device’s form factor.


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