How to Break into a Building Using LEGO [VIDEO]

Maybe we should let this guy design the next Mars rover!



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  1. If you just took the time to look at the description box of the video on youtube, you would know that this is from a Danish movie entitled The Olsen Gang Never Surrenders.

    • No, it's all ours. Olsen Banden (The Olsen Gang) was a very popular franchise back in the day and translated to a multitude of languages but it's as Danish as LEGO's and her Majesty, Queen Margrethe the second of Denmark ^_^

      Also, I lvoe how they only cut AFTER the "Skide godt!" from Benny ("Effin' good!")

  2. I'm from Denmark, it's Danish, and very much SO. I remember this scene, it was pretty nice considering how old the movie was. Olsen Banden was just translated to swedish and many other languages.

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