Netflix Must be Stopped! [Video]

This is for all of you being affected by the annoucement that Netflix would soon be rising the prices of their services. Enjoy!


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  1. "What am I supposed to do? Go to the video store like a poor person?"
    That's exactly the problem though; there ARE no video stores left. We only joined Netflix when the last local Blockbuster and Hollywood Video closed down. For people who don't watch a lot of movies, that extra eight bucks a month just isn't worth it. Despite the more limited selection, Redbox is just more economical now.

    Funny vid, at least.

  2. Weirdly, a lot of people were happy with the change. Many people only wanted streaming or only wanted a DVD. It’s cheaper for them, the way it’s set up now, then it was before. :-/

    We lost all our Blockbuster’s this year, but honestly I’m not surprised. Between Hastings, Redbox, and Netflix they faced stiff competition. The Hastings in our area had a massive Bluray and DVD section, biggest I’ve ever seen. I go there for Bluray DVDs since I refuse to pay Netflix extra for the “privilege”. (I still don’t use Redbox, since I can go to Hastings–love that store– or just wait a few days and get it from Netflix.)

  3. I will be dropping netflix, the streaming option just doesn't have enough newer releases, my DVD queue has 80 titles in it that are not streamable, and they are all common movie. The only reason I agreed to signup with Netflix was so that I could have the stream option to use while in between my DVD's (or when my wife/kids have their DVD), if I don't have both options, I don't care to keep either, and it's not worth another $6 to get it.

  4. Funny vid. I switched to streaming only months ago so the price hike won't affect me. But I will benefit in the long run as Netflix has never been shy about their ultimate goal, to make it a full streaming service and do away with discs. They had to adjust the fees in order to pay the media companies for licensing. it isn't netflix ripping you off, it is the greedy media companies and netflix has to adjust their prices to reflect licensing right hikes, and to also get those licensing right to expand the streaming to include the more current titles for streaming. In a year I will benefit from this:)

    • Don't be an idiot, it is Netflix who is doing this, no one else. Netflix is the one who made the Netflix ONLY discs that have terrible quality and have so much DRM on them that my media center PC has trouble playing them. How about all the people who have limited bandwidth from their ISP? Or what about the anime watchers who don't want to watch a show dubbed? Guess those people are assed out, oh wait, who cares, they are the minority right? WRONG! Comcast has a bandwidth cap, time warner has a bandwidth cap, as does every major ISP out there now. So, use 2-3 gigs of your limited bandwidth, or wait 1-2 days and not have to worry about it?

      • NO need to call people names. Do some research and you will see that the media companies are raising their licensing fees. If you don't like it try Redbox.

        • My ISP is DSL through Verizon and I paid the extra to have no data cap and the highest speed available in my area and dropped cable all together so Netflix and other sources are a much more economically sound decision for me. I am sorry if there is no ISP in your area that will give you fast, reliable, unlimited data, but that is no reason to call someone an idiot for giving an opinion.

        • Nic, why do you think movie theaters raise their prices every year? it's the same thing They raise the prices to pay off the companies that put out the movies. Why do you think that most of the time movies are limited release to theaters? I've worked for a movie theater for 5 years now and I can tell you, prices are going up everywhere, and good lord, for most people, it's a price cut rather than an extra 6 dollars. if you want just one or the other, it's going to be cheaper.

        • i was pretty mad at first, but it wasnt really at the price hick so much as the attitude of the CEO of netflix. Explinations (true ones like that the movie companies are screwing them over) is a real reason and an understandable one.

  5. We are on a budget actually. I had used Redbox before, but the titles we got were weird (movie only, missing special features, etc…). Since we don't have cable, and our antennae only gets like 4 channels, we didn't have much of a choice. Now we will be dropping the DVDs and may just drop the streaming as well and stick to our repeats of the DVD's we have.

    Why pay that much more when 1 to 2 yr old DVDs cost about 13-15 bucks depending on the title and I can watch them as often as I want with out having to pay a fee for the service? I can go to the 5 dollar bin and find movies from 4-5 years ago that we can add to our collection and never have to pay more for later. :P

    It may suck to not be able to see newer releases, but I'm used to that. Meh.

  6. If it only effected upper middle class people! People who are on a fixed income have seen a terrible jump in Netflix pricing, people who also can not afford to go to theaters to see films, and who no longer have the option of owning cars.

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