Microsoft’s Hilarious Internal Office 365 Promo Video [Video]

Apparently, that video was put together for Microsoft’s annual sales conference, but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn it got released on the web intentionally. Don’t you find it ironic that the video is hosted on Youtube?



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  1. Yeah, but this really confuses the issue. It's one thing for a *person* to read your e-mail looking for "keywords", and quite another for an automated script to do it regardless of context. Gmail is no more intrusive than spellcheck.

    And it's not like gmail announces your hemmroids to the world, nor does it interrupt your work to point out ads. Almost *none* of the actions ascribed to "gmail man" are actually going on in gmail. Quite possibly the only vaild critique is that the tailored ads can be rather out of context if combinations of keywords lead it to some random combination that isn't what you're actually talking about.

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