Sexy Death Star Dress [Pic]

For those who missed the awesome SDCC galleries we’ve posted over the last few days, hit this link up for tons of other geektastically sexy pictures of various female and male cosplayers.

[Via SuperPunch]

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  1. Just… just… stop. This on top of the Chewbecca outfit is making me want to stab someone. Is there nothing that is safe from sexification? I don't think it's cool or "O-LA-LA!" to see some random hot chick dressed up in an ugly outfit. And I weep for the state of mankind that there are any men our there that do!

    If a hot chick wants to dress sexy, there are plenty of non-ugly ways to do it. At least for the girls sake put her in something flattering or cool. This is just.. just… wrong. >_<

    • Ugly outfit? This one isn't ugly at all! I think it's very creative, and it actually looks good on her…

      That girl's name is Jennifer Landa, and she's super awesome. Look her up on Youtube :)

  2. Chill out Nicole, its not that bad. Its cosplay for goodness sakes, there are no rules about 'pretty'.

    Anyway; cue Trench Run joke. Ahem. >:-D

  3. Nicole, there is nothing wrong with this picture. She's doing something creative. I think the dress is cool and she looks good in it! but I have to agree with you about "Chewbecca" girl. it looks like she just chew on the fabric and glued it to the skin .. Only that she forgot to eat something! (sorry about my english, hope you understand)

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