X-Men Born This Way: The Music Video

Remember that guy dressed as Magneto we featured a month ago who sang (rather badly I must say) a funny parody of Lady Gaga’s born this way? Well geeks, our “talented” friend is back with the same song, but this time, not only is he singing the tune a little better, but he’s doing it on top of a “real” music video. Check it out:



4 Responses to X-Men Born This Way: The Music Video

  1. I had to try really hard not to laugh my ass off while at an airport, that was hilarious. And I really dig how they made all the costumes pretty accurate!

  2. 1. this is so much-(more awsomtastis? no real word captures the epic-ability of this video) than the original, 2. jubalee is way hot. 3. wolverine, why wolverine why?