Science Made Simple [Video]

One of the biggest hurdles to learning scientific concepts is (and has always been) getting a handle on the jargon. That’s where Science Made Simple comes in. This video focuses of quantum physics, genetic modification and superconductors. According to Jacob Slack, the series’ director, there are “15 animated interstitials produced for TVNZ 7, aimed at demystifying commonly used, but little understood, scientific and technological jargon. The series focuses on the sort of words viewers may read in the newspaper, but don’t always understand.”


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  1. I don't really feel like that explained Quantum Physics. I don't really think it's a concept you can do well in 3 minutes…

    I come in thinking: If I didn't know what Quantum Physics was, would I feel this explained it to me? No.

    "Matter can behave like energy and energy can behave like matter. This leads to superposition." Seriously, that's the best you can come up with for the layman?

    Boo, hiss.

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