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  1. This reminds me of the cover of the DVD set of Louis and Clark, which makes me cringe to even think about. I don't like him. I want Toby. Toby was the perfect Spider-man. To be perfectly blunt, this guy is too pretty to be spider-man. He looks like a freaking Abercrombie Model. Spider-man is a total nerd! Always has been, and he gets picked on in school and bullied. Toby had that perfect balance of flawed appearance to make you believe that he was indeed somebody who could have been picked on, but he was charming! This guy… he looks like Edward from twilight. I know he's a decent actor, I liked him in social network, but he has no business in spider-man. AND WHO THOUGHT EMMA STONE WAS GWEN STACY! AGH! MAD!

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